Apple Watch = Must Have for 2015


The reviews are creeping out. The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and CNET have all spent some time with the device. Their voices are a mixed bag of nerdery. Techie gals criticizing the clumsy computerized fashion mash-up. Fashionistas wondering when such practicality has been packaged so well. Regardless of where you or your favorite reviewer land, the Apple Watch will be THE MUST HAVE for 2015.

The average U.S. man has 5 watches. #Metrosexual

The average U.S. man has 5 watches. #Metrosexual

Some detractors wonder out loud “Who’s going to want another watch, nonetheless one that costs triple the price?” But the market is already there. Wrists are yearning to be gauged on their health and appearance.  Did you know that 3.3 million fitness bands and activity trackers have been sold between April 2013 and March 2014 in the U.S.? The Fossil Group, Inc., which operates over 10 global timepiece brands across a variety of price spectrums, sold $1.5 billion in watches in 2014. The wristwatch market is STRONG as Bloomberg reported in February that the average male U.S. consumer owns 5 watches.

Detractors will point out that the Apple Watch isn’t a stand-alone product, but rather a pricey accessory requiring the newest iOS mobile operating system. How limiting of a factor might that be? As of October 2014 Apple has sold over 105 million iPhone 5’s, and as of Q1 2015 Apple sold over 74 millions iPhone 6’s. That’s a large customer base, and it’s growing at a pretty aggressive rate with deeper cellular discounts and 0% finance programs to facilitate upgrading and first-time client acquisition. “Who’s going to want another watch, nonetheless one that costs triple the price?” Apple customers. That’s who.

It’s the most customizable watch, or computerized device, EVER. From a watch perspective, brands like Michele and Fossil have offered customization in a variety of bands and metals. None of these brands offer the multiples of customizable variations that the Apple Watch and its small retina-raving face will promise. Can you imagine the visual capabilities the Apple Watch customer will have once the third party venders check in with a new phalanx of covers, bands, and apps for deeper customization of the product? “Who’s going to want another watch, nonetheless one that costs triple the price?” Another watch? It’s all of the watches you planned on buying in the future wrapped into a 42mm case. Take the cumulative cost of those five watches the average U.S. metrosexual owns, toss in a FitBit or two, and you’ll most likely arrive between $500 to $1,200 (unless you have premium Tag Heaer taste). It’s easy to conclude that the Apple Watch brings great value as a complete substitute.

Some critics seem obsessed with the reality that Apple will release future iterations of the device, and this truth is waved in your face  while demanding you wait for the Apple Watch 2 and it’s ignorantly assumed enhancements. Don’t soil your bell-bottoms when I tell you this, but obsolescence exists in the world of fashion and those trends can move just as quickly as shifts within the tech sector. Not wearing your “Don’t Tase Me Bro” t-shirt anymore? The Apple Watch will be as durable to natural shifts in trends and technical abilities or limitations as ANYTHING ELSE you already buy over-and-over again as the seasons zing by.

I believe it was 2010, weeks prior to the launch of the first iPad, that I heard critics declare “Who’s going to want a large iPhone that doesn’t take calls?”
Me and my hundreds of millions of minions.