About Michael


With over 20 years of operations management experience within a variety of sales and service processes within call center and e-commerce environments, I bring a diverse set skills to the organizations I serve. My LinkedIn peers have generously endorsed “Leadership/Team Leadership” as my professional strength, to which I humbly agree. I take the time to understand people and what drives them, and then I pledge to take their performance and abilities to the next level in an attempt to support them as they accomplish professional and personal goals.

I have had the honor of leading teams and departments within the customer service, sales, workforce management, training, business compliance, and quality monitoring functions. In every leadership position I consistently surpassed the organization’s goals, performed above departmental standards, improved departmental functionality, created and maintained a positive and productive culture, and injected innovation and creativity into the teams and tasks I worked alongside.

I love writing and teaching, so blogging is a natural channel to share some of my management insights. Most of my blog subjects are based on specific requests from management peers, and some are personal curiosities that I enjoy applying some analysis towards.

Thank you for your support! Please suggest ideas you would like my insight on, and visit my LinkedIn profile for more information about me and my developing career.



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