5 Things I Hate About LinkedIn



There are so many things I love about Linkedin, but there are a handful of things I hate about LinkedIn. I’m tired of shooting rainbows at everyone. Here’s some realness. Microsoft acquired LinkedIn so the window for change is wide open. These are the top 5 things I hate about LinkedIn:

Dumb Endorsements

Ever been harassed by LinkedIn to endorse a connection’s acumen with some buzz-word skill like “Microsoft Word” or “Microsoft Office”? Are these skills really worth endorsing? Why not toss “Prepares Own Lunch” and “Wears Clothing” in there too. Look, some people have more skills than others, for now. Some people are building their careers, or building their profiles. Either way, please stop pulling key words from weaker profiles and shoving them in our faces to pretend they’re a meaningful skill requiring cross reference. It’s insulting to me, but more importantly t’s insulting the profile being digitally patronized. LinkedIn needs to edit their list of active endorsable buzz-words and skim the pile to eliminate senseless options.

Constant Nagging

Go to your profile and there’s a 200% chance LinkedIn will browbeat you like an overbearing parent, “Fix your profile! Tell me what clubs you’re in! What have you achieved professionally? Your profile pic smile is yellowish, brush more often!” I get that new features require training or a prompt, but visiting my profile feels like battling 90’s-era pop-up ads. If I click the small “X” once, can we assume I have no future want to update my stuff?

No Homemade Video

Holy God. LinkedIn, have you not seen the trends? Everything hot in social media is video (stop pretending that LinkedIn isn’t a form of social media). Our Facebook feeds were once an endless stream of repetitive memes, but now it’s 75% video content that auto-plays the moment you’ve scrolled towards it. Of all things LinkedIn has chosen to copycat (most of Facebook’s LIKE + COMMENT + SHARE = ENGAGEMENT formula is there), why disregard this one? Users can’t upload a cell phone video unless it’s attached to YouTube, etc. That’s so 2005.

Vacant Profiles

Prune the bushes once in a while LinkedIn. Why allow dead limbs, with their brown withered networking leaves, to choke the user base rose garden? For example, there are 2 LinkedIn profiles for Michael Gambuto (specifically, me). One is active, daily; one is dormant, for years. I mean YEARS. It has 2 connections. It hasn’t been touched in a decade. I have no idea why it’s there or how to rid of it. Don’t you want the user base to be one of quality and not quantity? Knock down the vacant LinkedIn slums.

Meaningless Activity

My LinkedIn app will pop on iOS with a red circular “2” by its icon. Do I have 2 new connections? Do I have 2 new direct messages? Maybe 2 people have endorsed me? NOPE! It means two of my connections have reacted to or engaged with their own or someone else’s content. If this is the new standard for “Alerts” than they’re on their way to becoming “the app that cried wolf” via #DigitalFib. Stop forcing the perception that LinkedIn is a happening hub of constant networking that we should check on each and every hour. It already is, and most active users already do. After all, do you really care if Person-X clicked “LIKE” on some business stranger’s COMMENT about a company you DON’T follow? Welcome to LinkedIn updates, 2016.

There ya go Microsoft! Give LinkedIn a tune-up!

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